Paintball, Frisbee Golf, Laser Clay Pigeon

Shooting R210-00 per person.

Spiritual development teambuilding activities:


The facilitator teaches participants the art of beginners drumming and participants stretches their co-ordination skills to the limit. It also connects them with an ancient art of communication through the form of music which brings about a deep healing.

R180-00 per person.

Fire Walk (I am a qualified International Firewalk Facilitator)

Test your courage and ability to block out the pain. Not for the faint of heart…

R220.00 per person for 50 or more participants.

Sweat Lodges

The Ceremony of the sweat lodge is an ancient Native American traditional ceremony of sweating within the sweat hut (somewhat like a sauna) but with a deeper cleansing and connecting with spirit to get a better understanding and guidance on our life path.
The group spends time together before the sweat lodge and the whole ceremony is explained in detail. Before you enter you will select a totem animal which has a very significant meaning for your life.
Not just a spiritual experience when you sweat within the sweat lodge, but also very good for the skin. Chanting and singing in the hut brings out the harmony and music in all of the team and create a bonding within the team that is incredible, creating your team song. Sweat lodge weekend packages are available.

R250 per person per session. Groups of minimum of 10 people. Includes light supper. Ceremonies done in the evening.

Fire Circles

Drumming and a bonfire combined make a dynamic combination. The energy of the fire and the beat of the drums make for an unforgettable experience. This exercise can be combined with tribal dancers showing off their skills and involving the participants to bring out the dancer in all. This makes for an amazing load of fun and laughter.

R250 per session. Only done in the evening.

Tribal Dancers

This exercise can be combined with the Fire Circle. There is a child in every one of us and this activity brings out that child. This makes for an amazing load of fun and laughter and brings out the music in all of the team.

R10 500.00 per hour session. No limit on size of group.

Upliftment and empowerment teambuilding within a classroom environment and practical exercises offered:

Getting to know the true you. – R250 per person. Includes course materials
Teamwork - Understanding the group energy of the team for more effectiveness. R250.00 per person
How to choose teams the metaphysical way. R250 per person
Venus Empower (empowerment aimed at the female employees). R5000 for 1 hour talk


It creates a great sense of achievement for the team that want to reach the target. It also enhances one's power of concentration. Simultaneously your team has to walk on the plank holding a string for ten fifteen meters.

Duration : 1Hr
Participants: 10-40
Rate: R190 pp


Enhance your sense for strategic planning, develops lateral thinking and promotes good communication skills. Avery real experience of survive and conquer. Regardless of whether you were in a winning or loosing team the results of this exercise are astonishing

Duration: 45 Min
Participants: 10-50
Rate: R175-00 pp


This all about using your mind collectively to achieve the goal.

Duration: 45 Min
Rate: R175 PP


Easily can take one decade to know how to balance this nail but once you are hooked you'll get addicted.

Duration: 45 Min
Participants: 10-100
Rate:R155 pp


Get thrilled about this game and compete and at the same time become productive to your company

Duration: 45 Min
Participants: 10 - 100
Rate: R160 pp


Experience the ancient art of archery with the help of modern day equipment. Competent instructors will help you master the technique of shooting a re-curve bow.

Duration: 1 Hour
Rate:R235 pp